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Mr Yong Xiong Ling is the Vice President of the Australian Institute of Chinese Culture and Arts, Chairman of the Sydney Photographers Association, an Art Advisor and in 2016, was chosen as one of the "World's Top Ten Photographers". This is by far the best ranking of Australian photographers in the world. Since 2006, Mr. Ling has been participating in international photography competitions, and his first photograph, "Bullfight", was shown in an international competition in Taiwan. "Recognized by nearly a thousand international photography competitions, in 2016 alone it won more than 500 awards and 140 gold medals. Among them: 52 PSA gold medals, 22 Best Photographer awards, and 11 FIAP Blue Medals. The selected works reached more than 5500 (times). Mr. Ling is innovative and in recent years pioneering in photographic art by using his lens to dilute the ink effects of landscapes and figures, very characteristic of Chinese painting art!  Mr. Ling has trained many international award winning photographers. You now has a chance to purchase his beautiful and award winning photographic arts. To see some of Mr Ling's work, please visit his instagram @yongxiongling8. Mr Ling conducts one-on-one photography classes, if you want to be trained by one of the best in the world, please contact Mr Ling.

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