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Jim Tsinganos When I first told my father that I wanted to be an illustrator, he just looked blankly at me and said, “Are you sure you can make a living doing that?” 25 years later with numerous awards and work being showcased and acknowledged in most illustration annuals across the globe I'm still here, still “making a living” albeit that the materials have changed and the pastels that used to cover everything in my studio with a fine blue dust have been replaced with a nice clean flat screen and a Wacom tablet. Clients include : Time, Random House, Penguin Books, Amnesty International, Cadburys UK, Australia Post, Nike Singapore, Opera Australia, YAFFA Publications, Honda Australia, Law Journal VIC, WESTPAC, NAB Bank, ANZ Bank, Qantas, LA Times, The Milken Institute Review, Australian Geographic, Good Weekend, Money Magazine, The Australian Mint. Awards Featured in CA Magazine, 3x3 Magazine, Society of Illustrators LA, Lurzer's Archive Top 200 Illustrators Worldwide, Creative Magazine. Best Illustration - MADC Awards, Silver Award - NY Art Directors Club, Silver Award London Art Directors Club, Bronze Award - Print Regional Design/Illustration, Gold and Bronze Awards - Illustrators Australia Annual Illustration Awards.

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