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Welcome to the Ric Steininger Fine Arts Photographic Gallery, a journey through the camera lens into the vivid world of the panoramic photographic arts. I have been living in Cairns for over twenty years, travelling in search of capturing awe-inspiring natural wonders of this great southern land – Australia. Most of my images have taken a lot of planning and weeks and weeks of work in order to capture. However, I still prefer shooting with a large format film camera, for the clarity far exceeds that of digital cameras. Also, I love the rich colour and the deep contrast characteristic of transparency film (even though this medium is very challenging and unforgiving). Each piece is released as a limited edition print, signed and numbered with guaranteed authenticity. My collections can be viewed online but it is better to see the images in the flesh… so come and visit me in my gallery in Kuranda, Cairns, I look forward to seeing you.

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