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I'm a Brand Strategist, Facilitator and Photographer. I help people & businesses to: * align with their purpose, * get in creative flow, * better understand their target audience and * take their heart's desire to the digital market. I know pulling it all together without the head noise is a hell of a lot easier with someone by your side. I work with clients to build businesses and brands that are aligned, impactful, scalable and empowering to others. My entire life has been spent trying to crack the code on how to find & live our purpose through business and creativity. A business is an energetic extension of you and what you're here to do in this life. With over a decade of strategy experience, coaching/ healing modalities and profiling framework under my belt, I'm a huge advocate for healing our shadows so we can shine our light and give life to projects that really matter in the world. I have an unshakable belief in the concept that we are here to live our own unique and incredible purpose. We are here to develop our gift ..... do what we love ..... and share it with the world. Bridgette Reid, 0434 821 122

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