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I am here to help you! I love photo editing and do so professionally. Let's discuss your project. Services are tailored for all businesses and individual customers. Remove objects in the background of your favourite photo. Edit dark/grey photos with a transparent background, white background or other colours of your choosing. Resize/crop photos for businesses, websites, or personal use. Make your photos web ready to load up faster by reducing file size. • Resize Images to any dimension, resolution • Logo Resize for any social media platform PRICES: (Simple Image background removal OR add white/coloured background) 1-3 photos - $2.00ea 4-9 photo's - $1.50ea 10-29 photo's - 1.00ea 30-49 photo's - 0.75ea 50-99 photo's - 0.60ea 100+ photo's - 0.50ea Image Optimization Packages (helps your web pages load faster by reducing file size) 1-3 photos - $1ea (more for samples) 10 photos - $8 (starter pack) 30 photos - $20.00 (medium pack) 50 photos – $30.00 (large pack) 100 photos – $50.00 (X-large pack) 200 photos - $90 (XXL pack) 250 photos - $100 (Super Large pack) (All other services) Image resize/crop photos 1-49 photos - $1.00ea 50+ photos – 0.75ea File Format • JPEG • PDF • PNG • PSD

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