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Working mum devoted to helping women feel confident to share more of them and pursue their dream business with personal branding photography & education. Home of the Social Sessions bringing small groups of women together for personal branding experiences See less What am I all about? I am passionate about helping women feel more confident and pursue their dream business through personal branding photography & education. Want to learn more with me, you can learn with me how to feel more confident in front of the camera with 10 tips to look your best, get noticed with the 5 personal brand image must-haves, or stop the overwhelm with 5 simple steps to successful content creation. NERVOUS ABOUT PHOTOSHOOTS? I've got you. I make you look beautiful. I make you feel confident – on the set, and when you get your photos back. So many choices! And they are all yours to choose from, use & cherish. I highlight the parts of you that you love, and downplay the parts you don't. You wont even see them. You're my speciality. My personal mission in life is to help women to celebrate and empower themselves. I do not have any formal qualifications in this, but I do have a long history of being unnecessarily harsh on myself, as I am sure most women reading this right now will be able to relate to. For most of my teens and twenties, even though on the outside people could look in and say that I looked great & had it all, little did they know the mental torture that I put myself through to look and behave a certain way in an effort to achieve this insane ideal of perfection that I held myself up to. I would constantly count, measure up and flog myself in the gym, projecting happy on the outside but on the inside still never felt GOOD enough. I worked my butt off, got the house, the car and the husband, and still was not content within me, where it actually really counts… right? Fast forward to my 30's and I was lucky enough to meet an incredible woman who changed the way I saw myself. Sue Bryce not only photographed me, she also guided and mentored me and I finally got to see myself the way that other's may have seen me, but I never had seen before of myself. I also started on a journey of self discovery, where I realised that all of these things, that I had worked my life to get, were not really what I wanted, but what I believed would make me happy, on the outside. Once I got rid of all the noise, it was then I truly discovered my personal super power. I can connect with women and make them feel truly comfortable. It is right there in that moment, right then that the magic can happen, and the true beauty of a woman can shine from within. During the last few years building my new business, I also discovered I have a passion and knack for helping other entrepreneurs to discover their why and help them to translate that into kickass imagery that really helps them to connect more, deliver more and share their gifts to the world.

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