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We are a team of photographers who are passionate about capturing happy faces, candid moments and special nights. Our team is extremely diverse; many of our team are young, up and coming photographers passionate about what they do. They’ve grown up in Melbourne, attending their fair share of house parties, birthday parties, nightclubs, the lot. They know their way around a party and exactly how to capture the essence of it. On the other end of the scale we have photographers on the team who have been in the industry for years upon years and have captured high-end events such as corporate functions and weddings. We believe that everyone deserves great memories of any occasion and that’s why we came together to offer our photography services and share our passion with you for an affordable price. There are hundreds of photographers in Melbourne that will charge a Kings ransom for a mere couple of photos. We believe in making high quality service affordable for those looking to capture a special event and make the memories last forever. We service anyone and everywhere whether it’s a couple of mates hanging out in the backyard, or a corporate function at the MCG. We offer bulky albums with no limit on the amount of photos taken at the event, and we’ll professionally edit them all!

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