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​I see the world the same way it is viewed through a camera lens. Everything I see is a photographic image waiting to have that moment frozen in time, enjoyed by a few or many, for time to come. To be up at 4am, to go for a sunrise shoot, freezing cold, not knowing what you are going to get, and finding a new way to photograph something different to how it has been done millions of times before, is inspiring to me. Driving or walking past that thing, that captures the corner of your eye, that you just have to stop and shoot, also inspires me. Catching and freezing that moment in time, that will never happen the same way again drives me. * SERVICES OFFERED * Landscape/seascape photography Event and commercial photography Portrait Photography Wedding Photography Workshops * BUY PRINTS * All the images on my website are available for purchase. They are all printed on metallic paper, and come with a 4cm white border, (except the acrylic block). All pricing is in Australian $. ​ PRINT ONLY 20” x 30” $ 250 24” x 36” $ 350 32” x 48” $ 450 48” x 60” $ 590 FRAMED 20” x 30” $ 650 24” x 36” $ 780 32” x 48” $ 990 48” x 60” $1690 ACRYLIC BLOCK 20cm x 30cm x 3cm $150 If you have any enquiries or special requests please contact us or call on 0411 961 339 Can't find the image you are looking for? Please contact me to discuss.

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