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Hi I'm Mark. I am a professional advertising, fashion and commercial photographer with a particular flair for photographing people. Every image conveys a message and as a commercial photographer it's my job to interpret the brief to ensure my shoot is on-message. Whether it's “These shoes are so comfortable” or “Your life will be better if you employ our services”, commercial and advertising photography is all about delivering that message with an image in a way that speaks the visual language of your audience. The nerd inside me loves the technical aspect: Light, lenses, angles and electronics. The extrovert in me also loves that my performance behind the camera is what generates the response of the models in front of the lens. They say the camera sees both ways and I like to think there is a little of me in every model's performance. A forte' of mine is shoot production: The planning process where the concept is created, locations scouted, all the professionals are pulled together, briefed and booked. Selecting the team for a shoot is an integral part of every shoot plan as the success of the shoot relies upon the combined performances of all those involved. When it comes to booking a team, my philosophy is to use the people whose default setting is the outcome we want to achieve. Instructing them to do what they do then becomes easy. My personal on-set specialty is to connect with the subject on a personal level. It is only by genuinely being interested in your subject that they will connect, open up and give a performance that offers honesty and vulnerability. If you would like to connect please get in touch. I love to have a coffee and chat about ideas, so I'd be very glad to have one with you and hear about your next project. Chat soon ? -Mark

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