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What does your business stuggle to convey to clients? Maybe you're the nicest mechanic on the Gold Coast but customers think all mechanics are out to get them? Putting a face and a personality to the business with photos and a branding video will solve this immediately! Just think, as soon as someone finds you on Google and heads to your website, there's a video with your friendly mug on it, talking about the work you love and serving the community in which you have been running your business for 20+ years. Maybe you're jeweller, making amazing pieces of art, and people wonder why you charge so much. Maybe they think you're a young creative so you're probably not all that professional? Imagine having a branding video, showing the lengths you go to to choose the perfect stone for each piece, the effort that goes into ethically sourcing each of the different stones, and the years of practice to gain the metal work skills to create such flawless imaginative work.

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