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With locations in Bribie Island, Queensland and Salt Lake City, Utah, we are expanding our fleet to meet the needs of our clients in the areas of aerial and underwater photography, videography and commercial UAV services. We specialise in creating spectacular imagery and video content. We provide both creative and commercial services catering to all industries and disciplines including Property, Film & TV, Tourism, Construction, and government sectors. We pride ourselves in diversified services, with 3d capabilities... Our experiences encompass a wide variety of industries, and combined with drone technology, gives us the leading edge from our competitors. We've marvelled at the images and videos that were captured from planes and helicopters many years ago, but since the dawn of the drone age, we are seeing the most remarkable, visually stunning images and videos ever captured! With high pixel quality cameras mounted to small aerial and underwater drones, we are creating a new way to view the world, a better way.

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