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Would you like a wedding photographer who provides high resolution CD-ROMs and both digital and classically-produced wedding albums with professionalism, experience and great value for money? Well, finding the right, professional, wedding photographer in south east Queensland has never been easier. In short, Shelley Lumley from Brisbane Bridal Photography will surpass your expectations. By incorporating your chosen combination of the above features into your wedding package, Shelley's photography will simply blow you away. She is not widely regarded as one of Australia's leading wedding photographers by mistake. Brisbane Bridal Photography is both the brainchild and the lifelong passion of Shelley. After 22 years as a wedding photographer, Shelley, the consummate professional, still exhibits all of the flair, talent and integrity that she is renowned for. She takes pride in your wedding images, images that you will treasure forever and she still gets a buzz from watching your face light up when you first view your album. As you plan your wedding, take comfort in the following two important points: Shelley has the experience. As you can imagine not all weddings run exactly to the bride's plan – regardless of how meticulous the planning is. However, over the course of over a thousand weddings she has dealt with every type of adversity that can present itself. Take great comfort from the fact that whatever hurdle arises during your wedding day, Shelley has already dealt with it numerous times. Her professionalism and experience allows her to adjust to whatever arises without compromising the quality of your wedding photography. Secondly, she genuinely still loves capturing her art – the art of wedding photography. I feel that Shelley explains it best … Hello. From the start of my wedding photography career, I have enjoyed every moment. Creating treasured memories for each bride and groom still fuels my passion. Staying fully-focused on your artistic, photographic requirements is easy because the bottom line is, I love what I do. Sure, after photographing over a thousand weddings some people may think that wedding photography would become a daily grind. What they fail to understand is that each and every wedding is different. Each wedding offers a uniqueness, a moment in time that is so special to everyone involved. I actually feel privileged when you choose to share those special moments with me! What really 'floats my boat,' however, is watching your face light up when you first view your wedding images. Brides beam when viewing their treasured memories. Your reaction means more to me than you will ever imagine. Regardless of your requirements and your budget, I can design a wedding package to suit your needs. I take the utmost pride in not only the quality of your wedding package but also how professionally I conduct myself. Your wedding package should also be exceptional value for money. As a matter of fact, you will struggle to find better value-for-money wedding packages that combine my experience and professionalism. I invite you to view my full portfolio by appointment both during or after normal business hours. Simply call or email me as per the contact details below. Before closing, I would like to offer you the following advice … your wedding photographer is going to spend most of your wedding day with you, so make sure you like them. Good luck with your wedding plans. Time will fly by and your wedding will be here before you know it. Regards, Shelley Lumley Brisbane Bridal Photography 0416 240 968

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