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Maternity Photography Newborn Photography Family Photography Wall Art Happy to accept Qoin I am a traveler at heart. I love my family and cherish our time together. I love music, art and food, movies and fun. I love swimming and by contrast, love snow! Who doesn't love to make a snowman? Yes, I am just a big kid! When I was 18 I went travelling round Europe, but when I returned home, I left my heart behind. I love Europe! I love the languages, the culture, the food (wow the food!). I love the lakes and mountains, the history, the art and the architecture. I am from Sydney originally and my husband from Edinburgh – Scotland and we have lived in some beautiful parts of the world in our many years of marriage (+15 now… wow how time flies!): The Lake District – England, Brisbane – Australia, The Alsace – France and the 3 Frontiers (this is where I officially started BAC Photography) and now we are back in Brisbane while our boys settle into school. I love to capture special moments and document life, whether that be children playing, a dramatic landscape, crazy animals or spring flowers. To me photographs are precious memories that last a lifetime.

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