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We are Melbourne based photographers & parents to a beautiful Princess. We have believed in the power that an image can have, and how they can take you to different places and time. We have always enjoyed and appreciated good photography, however it wasn't until Ankit bought first camera that he had an opportunity to explore his artistic passion. He then spent countless hours learning, practicing new techniques, and experimenting with different cameras and lenses. He then passed on his skills to his lovely wife Megha who also got motivated to learn & step into Challenging world of creating beautiful Images. We have since decided to take our Passion as our Work. We love creating and capturing those special moments and giving families the gift of capturing the "now" for eternity. One of our main goals as a photographer is to capture true emotions, and to be able to tell stories through our work. Please Contact us if we could help you create the best Memories of your lifetime via our photography.

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