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I am from the Gold Coast, Qld, Australia and I starting taking photos when I was 13yrs old on my iPhone. I quickly fell completely in love with photography, within a year I had many followers on Instagram and I was hooked. At 14yrs old I purchased my first camera, a Canon 700D and my learning curve skyrocketed. Learning many new programs like photoshop and Lightroom…. I loved every minute of it. At 14yrs old I started to get noticed by local companies and got paid work shooting for Dreamworld and Skypoint including an event where I had to shoot Guy Sebastian for the night. At 15yrs old I purchased a new Canon 6D and continued to get more paid work while learning as much as I could about this amazing industry. At 16yrs old not only did I continue to get local work within the Gold Coast area but I also got many products sent to me from all around the world for product shoots. I still and will always love photography but for the past few years, I have also transitioned into the world of videography…. my new passion. So watch this space. As of writing this I am 17yrs and still working hard for my dreams.

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